Cocoa Beans


Grenada beans are characterized as a large, fine flavor. Described as lightly colored with a smooth bright flavor and a clean profile that delivers a mild but rich chocolate. Less than 7.5% moisture and Fat content of 54-56%


Grenada Cocoa Beans

St. Vincent - Coming Soon

Saint Vincent delivers a Caribbean Fine Flavor, Trinatario (ICS varieties). The USDA analysis describes it as a premium quality bean with 5 % moisture content fermented in wooden boxes for 5 to 7 days and then solar dried.A quality fine flavor bean that delivers a mild yet rich chocolate flavor


Ecuador Organic

Ecuador grows a variety of beans. We are proud to offer Organic Arriba National. Cacao from Ecuador was awarded for their excellent quality a Dark, Earthy Flavor. The fat content of 54-56% and less than 7.5 % moisture.


Ecuador Cocoa Beans

St. Lucia - Coming Soon

Saint Lucia grows some of the finest beans in the Caribbean. A high-quality bean sourced from rich, volcanic soil. Flavors are influenced by bananas and other tropic fruits and used by artisan chocolate makers around the world.