Jouvay Brand Products


Recently rated by “National Geographic” as one of the top 10 chocolates in the world !

The word “Jouvay” comes from the French J’ouvert meaning “dawning of a new day – Caribbean french patois for the opening day of the carnival.
Jouvay “Tree to Bean to Bar” Chocolate products are made from 100% pure Grenadian cocoa beans, sun-dried right outside the windows of the historic factory. All products are free of wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and eggs.

Grenada is a lush mountainous island covered with fragrant spice trees and tropical fruit and has long been known as the spice isle, but some people refer to it as the cocoa isle as well, a chocolate lover’s paradise. In Grenada, cocoa trees grow in their natural, optimal state, scattered among the fruit and spice-bearing trees in the rich volcanic soil of the tropical forest. What better place to make chocolate and to have a tree to bar cocoa processing facility!

BEYOND FAIR TRADING: As majority owners of Jouvay, Grenada cocoa growers are also manufacturers, doing the added value processing which creates higher income and leads to greater financial security.

Taste a pure dark chocolate bar or try a bar with locally grown ingredients, like nutmeg, ginger or nibs …Yummy !

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